Here are some questions that we run across most often for home/business tint. Please email us any of your questions that you may have?(Click Contact to the right)

Q: How soon before I can clean my home/business windows?

A: 30 days after initial installation of the film. This is to ensure the proper curing process is completed.


Q: What can I use to clean my film?

A: Any solution is acceptable including ammonia, vinegar, and alcohol with the exception of any cleaners with abrasive components in them. Always use fresh clean soft materials to wash and dry you window film surfaces. A soft cloth or a clean synthetic sponge is recommended for washing the window film followed by a soft rubber squeegee  for large windows. To avoid scratching the film do not use bristle brushes, abrasive or scrubbing sponges. The film that we installed has a very strong scratch resistant finish but can be scratched over time if these instructions are not followed.

Q: Will window film darken my windows?

A: Films come in a wide variety of shades. There are films that are completely clear to films that are completely opaque. Depending on your needs there is a film for you.


Q: Can window film be removed?

A: Window film can be removed with the right tools and a little elbow grease without damaging your windows.


Q: Does window film stop fading?

A: Window film does not completely stop fading, but does DRAMATICALLY reduce fading over time. The only way to completely stop fading is to have a light free, oxygen free vacuum chamber (Tint is the next best thing).

Q: Does window film block UV light?

A: The window films we offer filter out over 99.9% of UV rays.


Q: Does window film reduce heat gain?

A: Depending on the film you choose, you can block up to 80% of the solar energy coming through your windows.


Q: Does window film scratch?

A: It can. Our films have a very scratch resistant coating that is very strong. Normal cleaning will not affect this coating.  Typically anything metal may scratch the film.


Q: Can window film break my windows?

A: Yes. Window film has specific properties that reflect and absorb energy. The absorption and reflection of this energy will heat the exterior of the glass. If the proper film in not installed on the proper application (type of glass + size of glass) the window will expand beyond the frame parameters and bind the glass causing a  heat fracture (this is why it takes a trained professional to recommend and install the right film for your situation and needs).


Q: Does window film help in the winter months?

A: Window film will help retain heat in your home during the winter months but the majority of your energy savings will come in the summer months here in Mid-Missouri.


Q: Will window film take the glare off of my television or computer screen?

A: Films can help reduce this problem significantly. It is recommended that blinds be installed in conjunction with low glare tint in some situations.


Q: My dog scratches the door to go outside. Will this scratch the film?

A: Our film has a great “SR” coating (scratch resistant) so as a rule of thumb, if you have a big dog with freshly clipped nails it is possible but very unlikely.


Q: Will window film kill my plants?

A: No. In most cases it will actually help them from getting burnt from too much sun.

Q: Is residential window film like car tint?

A: In some aspects (heat, glare and UV protection) yes, but it has a totally different construction. Residential tint is more stable than automotive tint since the film is applied on flat class apposed to automotive tint that needs to be able to conform to curves.

Q: Will window film hold the glass together in case it breaks?

A: Yes. But it needs to be 4 mils or thicker to be classified as a safety film.



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