Commercial Tinting

Tinting windows for commercial establishments needs a different approach. Sound Performance offers the perfect Commercial Tinting Services for glass windows of all shapes and sizes. With many years of firsthand experience in this business we can tint windows for stores, restaurants, motels, retails and office buildings.

When you hire us you can expect quality services and first class materials. You can now protect the furnishings and merchandise in your store from fading, which occurs with direct sunlight let in through windows. Your goods are also safe from severe weather conditions and attempted break-ins, as the tinting keeps the glass intact in event of such occurrences.

Our skilled staff will retrofit your windows your choice of the most durable and stylish tinting films available in the market today. Choose from a wide array of colored, mirrored or plain black films which are not only durable, but offer a layer of complete protection from harmful UV rays and glares. You can also opt for transparent films, for you showcases if you are a retailer. Or let our creative designers cut and design custom graphics and logos in your store or office windows.

Provide maximum tenant privacy, comfort and protection with high grade window films for your office windows. Cut out heat, glare and reduce the buildup of sunlight “hotspots” in your working area. We assure you that after our tinting job is done, your office cooling costs will come down by 50%. By using our Commercial Tinting Services we assure you that you are contributing towards energy saving.
Call us today for the most reliable Commercial Tinting Services to protect your investments. The time is now to shield your store and office from a lot of disasters, without compromising on style and affordability.


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